Chickens Are Great

I've been recently been reading a lot of Christian Websites on, and I stumbled upon a website that talked about raising chickens.

I read it and suddenly wanted chickens.

They mentioned how great the eggs were rather than store-bought eggs and how chickens help with your circadian rythm.

I've always wondered how farm life would be like to me, a city kid with no experience handling any animal aside from dogs.

That's just one reason I find chickens fascinating though. Another reason is this funny gif

Funny Chicken Walking

The Third Reason is wanting to live the Simple Farm Life

I've been watching Mental Outlaw and Luke Smith for a few years now, and I'm really interested in living their kind of life style.

Luke grows his own plants, Kenny raises SUPER cute chickens, and I'm stuck inbetween by planting a sunflower and raising a Golden Retriever. It's tough having these thoughts at your teenage years since you really can't do anything like that in the city.


Chickens are cool and you should watch some of Mental Outlaw's and Luke Smith's videos.